Two Birds Mounted on Checked Driftwood

Two Birds Mounted on Checked Driftwood

I like feeding, listening to and watching birds. Looking at birds tends to make me smile. Likewise, I think these wooden “shelf-birds” / “counter-birds” / “desk-birds” / “computer-top-birds” / “window-sill-birds” / “hanging-birds” or “bird-ornaments” / “house birds” / “treepeeple” may do the same for you.

I’ve not seen birds quite like these anywhere in the USA. Some Indian crafts people in the Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico area make wooden birds out of cottonwood. The birds I started to make out of mostly maple turn out looking a little like the sparrows I find so social and entertaining in my own Southeastern Wisconsin yard. My first birds were given to my grown children, having been made from their backyard-climbing tree. As you can see from the samples on the right, my wooden birds are not carved or shaped to be exact replicas of various species. My birds are “symbols” or “approximates”, better to capture the essence or soul of all birds.

With the help of this website, I will try to give you enough information about my birds that you may consider ordering one (or more). I usually have “flocks” of birds in various stages of completion and arrangement around my house. As this site becomes more developed, I will attempt to show a large enough inventory of possible settings and/or combinations that you could tell me that you would like a house bird(s) like “this one”, or “this number” or you could give me a written description of what you would like. The birds can be paired or perched to your wishes on or with a variety of nature’s materials.

I believe that you will enjoy your “house-bird(s)” or “treepeeple” and that it might bring a smile to your lips too. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc., please contact me.

“Keep a green tree in your heart / and perhaps the singing bird will come.”

—Chinese Proverb